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Wheat Production in Deserts


Desert cities in the US and Middle East, such as Phoenix and Riyadh, may be living on borrowed time as water tables drop and supplies become undrinkable, says a U.N. report coinciding with today’s World environment day.
It is written that “ Twentieth-century modernist dreams of greening deserts are wholly unrealistic, it warns. “
According to these United Nation Reports in the Desert areas of Middle East, Agriculture is not possible. Wheat and other Agriculture needs of Middle East countries will be bought from abroad, from western countries.

According to my opinion, western scientists are trying to solve the problem in a wrong way.
If we look there are two main problem which really effects the agriculture production in desert areas. These are ,

1-High temperature difference between day and night temperatures.
2-High concentration of salt and lime molecules in desert areas

When desert soils examined it is found that are many elements inside. In other words, with some additions the elements in desert soils will be enough to grow some agricultural products. But the high temperature difference between day and night temperatures one of the main problem in agriculture.

Inside of soil in night time the temperature goes down to -20 centigrade degrees and in day time the temperature rises up to + 40 centigrade degrees . This temperature differences burns the roots of plant or burns the seeds of plant

The scientists working on agriculture tried to create new systems to solve these problems. There are some little success. But systems used are not economic .

These are not the solution of the problem.

When we examined the desert soils we sow that there is a very,very important point. But this important point is not recognized by anyone. This point spoils the heat balance of soil and it spoils whole agricultural values of soil.

This important point is the Molecular Structure of Soil. In desert soils the molecular structure connection is break off. If we can not found this molecular connection again , the desert soils will be ill, it will be in coma until to end of the World.

This molecular structure breaks off of the soil results with fast cooling or fast heating of soil. This molecular break off results with the spoil of the magnetic deviation of the World, and water reserves near the surface of soil goes down to intensive attraction areas.

This molecular structure breaks off of the soil results with loss of oxygen and it results with loss of humidity of soil and it results with dry up of soil.

So we created a new system to connect the molecular structure of soil.

We tested our theory in 3 different Desert Sand.

1-We brought Desert Sand from Abu Dhabi desert.At the attached image you will see the image of the Desert Sand brought from Abu Dhabi. With our new system in Abu Dhabi Desert Sand we grew wheat within one week. We used only normal water and we succeeded.. At the attached image you will see the image of Wheat grew in Abu Dhabi Desert Sand.

2- We brought Desert Sand from Mali.(West Sahara,in Africa). With our new system in Mali Desert Sand we grew corn.. We used only normal water and we succeeded.. At the attached image you will see the images of corn grew in Mali Desert Sand.

3-In Konya province in Turkey, most of the soils the of the Karaman area are like desert sand. With our system in Karaman desert sand we grew wheat about one week of time. We used only normal water and we succeeded. At the attached image you will see image of the Karaman desert sand later you will see the image of the wheat grew in this Karaman desert sand.

The role of Laser technology in the structure of soil is very important. Laser beams and necessary support systems help to cure the structure of soils. It helps to stable the heat differences of soil. By the help of this technology the humidity of soil becomes normal. The chemical and physical structure of soil develops. As result we are able to grow plants in these soils.

Later at first step, with our new system, we will grow clover and similar fast growing plants in soil. At second step the necessary organic supports will be given to soil. Then we can start normal agricultural production.

The Laboratory Analyze Results of Abu Dhabi Desert Sand shows that in this soil lime and salt are very high ,pH is very strong, usable P, K,Mg,Fe,Mn,Zn,Cu are little and organic matter is very little.

At this moment the most important problem of the desert sand is molecular structure break off of the soil . Second problem is high density of lime and salt in soil. The molecular structure of soil must be cured and lime and salt of soil must be cured.

With our Laser Technology the lime and salt molecules will taken out of Desert Sand (soil). The molecular structure of soil will be balanced. So the fertility of soil will increase.

By the help of our new system the Deserts will be the most important agriculture areas of the World. Greening of Deserts will be possible.

By the help of our new technology agriculture in desert areas will be more economical than the used technologies today. Deserts will be the wheat storage and grain storage of the World.

On the other hand the greening of deserts will help to cure climate of World and it will help to found the ecological balance of the World again.

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