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Our Inventions

Each of our groundbreaking inventions marks the beginning of a new era in it’s respective field.

MINE DETECTION CAMERA SYSTEM is an innovation that will allow to detect all sorts of mine buried under soil. The first part of this mine detection system is completed. When we have necessary R&D finance the whole system will be completed. This High Technology Mine Detection Camera System will detect mines in real time It will be 100% reliable compared to existing classic mine detection systems.

WHEAT PRODUCTION IN DESERT AREAS is an innovation that allows all sorts of agricultural production in desert areas. Considering that the land mass of deserts on the planet is equal to the arable land, this innovation has the potential to double the food production and alleviate the hunger problem. In addition, opening the deserts for agricultural production will have a positive effect on the disturbed balance of global climate.

HYBRID POLYMER X-RAY SHIELDING MATERIAL and HYBRID POLYMER GAMMA-RAY SHIELDING MATERIAL have a wide range of applications especially in health care industry and nuclear energy sector. These inventions also have the capacity to protect computer and electronics systems that are used in critical places such as energy plants, airplanes and ships during the anticipated solar storm of 2012. Another application is the protection of staff in situations like Chernobyl disaster.

HYBRID HEATING MATERIAL is an invention that will contribute to solving the world’s energy problems. It will take it’s place among the diverse spectrum of energy resources finding various application areas.